Regimental Headquarters

Colonel of the Regiment: HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT
Regimental Lieutenant Colonel: Brigadier Roland Walker, DSO, formerly Grenadier Guards
Regimental Adjutant: Major (Retired) G V A Baker, formerly Grenadier Guards
Regimental Treasurer & Association General Secretary: Major (Retired) A J Green, formerly Grenadier Guards

The Colonel of the Regiment is HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, KG, KT. Prince Philip has held this appointment since 1975 and takes a lively interest in the activities of the Regiment, chairing bi-annual Regimental Council Meetings. since retiring from public life, Prince Philip will take a less active role in Regimental life.

The Regimental Lieutenant Colonel is Brigadier Roland Walker, DSO; this is an honorary appointment and his current job is Head of Strategy at Army Headquarters, Andover. Day to day management of Regimental Headquarters is the responsibility of the Regimental Adjutant, Major (Retired) Grant Baker, assisted by Major (Retired) Andrew Green (Regimental Treasurer and Association General Secretary), Captain Ben Tracey (Officer Recruiting), and RQMS Matt Betts (RQMS RHQ and Regimental Stores).

Regimental Headquarters is based at Wellington Barracks where it provides the interface between the "serving" Regiment, past members of the Regiment, the Regimental Association and the public. Regimental Headquarters maintains the "fabric of the Regiment" and is responsible for the organisation of all Regimental events. The Regimental Adjutant is the guardian of the ethos, customs and standards of the Regiment.

Regimental Headquarters also manages the Regimental Charity on behalf of the Trustees. In addition, the staff of Regimental Headquarters assist with many of the State Ceremonial events in London.