Tim Weston's Mountain Challenge Report

14 June 2008

The following is report by former Grenadier and star of 'Bad Lad's Army' Tim Weston on his 24km mountain challenge in Snowdonia, North Wales which raised a large amount for the Fund:

Having had only 4 hours sleep due to the lack of comfort from sleeping in a car, I eventually had had enough and got up at 04.45 hrs. On seeing that my mate was sound asleep in the back of his Landrover I woke him up. Well no one likes to eat breakfast alone!!
A fellow ex grenadier Gavin Langford looked as knackered as I felt, and I hadn't even set one foot on the mountains yet.
He set about getting breakfast and made the brews. I mentally prepared!!(Woke up)
Having checked my kit for the umpteenth time and with a look from Gav which said "you stupid old b….. d, rather your legs than mine "I made for the start point.
The weather was bright and very crisp, just what you would expect on a mountain in the early morning. Dead on time 06.00 hrs I was off, the stop watch started, Gav's laughter ringing in my ears. Always one to inspire!

As I zig zagged up the first part of the path I felt the exertion on my legs as the muscles started to warm up. Not going quite as fast as a speeding bullet I could hear my heart thumping on the very quiet mountainside. However I reached the top of Snowdon in good time. Having chosen not to wear a watch there was an official from another race who had his back to me and I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him for the time. 07.05 hrs - not a bad start at all. It then took me 55 mins to descend to the pass where I found Gavin having a tea break .When he saw me he launched into action, threw me water and some pain killers and drove off down the pass to reach the next stage. I ran after him arriving 25 mins later.

Gav supplied more water and words of warning as this was the steepest part of the route. I started my ascent of Cwn Cneifio. Going up this part was like climbing the sand hill, one step forward, 2 back. I really began to feel the toll at this point. However I persevered to the top and again was pleased with my time. So far so good,

On arriving at Llyn Cwn I took a left and went North up to Y Garn. By now it was approximately 09.45 hrs. and the sun had come out. After reaching the top the descent was along a narrow path with a steep drop to my right .Half way down this path my water ran out and I really began to feel thirsty. Looking down on Lake Llyn Ldwal it was looking more inviting by the minute. At this point I had anticipated meeting up again with Gav, who had been watching my progress, the best he could, through his binos. However he had lost sight of me in the dead ground and thought he may have missed the RV. But all was not lost and we met at the lake as planned where I took a big gulp of water and then continued on.
The gulp was too much for my knackered body to cope with and without giving too much graphic detail, about 500 yards later it let me know. Apologies to the car that was passing at the time!!!

Undaunted I carried on to the furthest point of Llyn Ogwen. The finish point. I arrived dead on 11.15 hrs, giving me a total time, start to finish, of 5 hours 13 mins 33 seconds.

I'd like to thank all those who sponsored me, Ros for all her help and support, and Gavin for his support, ensuring my safety on the day. Ta mate.

Tim Weston