Regimental Headquarters London Marathon Team

13 April 2008

Sunday 13th April 2008 saw all round success for the four members of the Regimental Headquarters Team running the London Marathon.

After months of preparation, all but LSgt Joe Tack were embarking on running the daunting distance of 26 miles and 385 yards for the first time. The team endured mixed conditions with heavy rainfall punctuated by periods bright sunshine.

Having had time to draw breath once over the line, the guys were given their times as follows; LSgt Ellingham 5hrs 04min, LSgt Tack 4hrs 59mins, RQMS Hill 4hrs 31mins and Capt Fox 4hrs 9mins.

In all, the team raised nearly £3000 for The Colonel's Fund and would like to thank all those that have donated so generously. It is not too late to do so as their bmycharity page is still open!

Sign up to run the London Marathon 2009, or register in one of the many other full or half marathons in 2008 so you too can get fit whilst raising money for The Colonel's Fund!