2008 FINALE at the Hippodrome, Leicester Square

18 November 2008

It was deemed that given the huge amount of hard work that so many people had put into the Fund during the course of the year, it was essential that there was an event where everyone could let their hair down and just have a good time.

Having been kindly offered the use of the London Hippodrome by the Marquess of Salisbury it was immediately clear that this would be the perfect venue and that ‘La Clique', the resident act, would be the perfect entertainment for such an event. Therefore, Fund HQ along with former Grenadier Andrew Dixon set about putting together a night that not only would raise money but would also be an appropriate end to the year to which friends of the Fund could be invited and, most notably, the Colonel!

In addition to the 150 who had been invited as guests, there were a further 450 of the ‘Regimental Family' who had bought tickets to see this fantastic show and support the Fund. The Colonel joined the gathered masses enjoying a champagne reception and had a chance to thank those who had helped before leaving to allow Patrick Holcroft, Chairman of the Committee, to remind everyone of what The Colonel's Fund has been and is aiming to do.

It was then into the show, which was given a true Grenadier musical intro which set the scene perfectly. All present were amazed, amused and at times shocked by the acts they saw performed in front of them, from the elastic ‘Captain Frodo' to the sword swallowing ‘Miss Behave'!

After two hours of raw entertainment from La Clique, the Regimental Dance Band struck up with favourites old and new, encouraging the dance floor to be filled with past Commanding Officers and serving Guardsmen dancing alongside each other!

A fabulous time was had by all and a large word of thanks needs to go those who sponsored and organised the evening: Firstly, the staff at the Hippodrome and the cast of La Clique who ensured the smooth running and first class entertainment during the night. Secondly, Marks & Spencer and MarketForm who were incredibly generous with their sponsorship of the occasion, ensuring that it was first class but also affordable. Finally, the Marquess of Salisbury whose generosity made it possible.

The evening was by no means marking an end to The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards, rather a ‘well done for 2008' and a ‘look forward to 2009'!