Fundraising for ‘Guards in Action’ at Cartier International Polo 2008

28 July 2008

Cartier International is claimed to be the biggest polo day in the world and is held each year at the Guards Polo Club. Royalty, celebrities and leading players combine with a 25,000 strong crowd to make this event a truly spectacular experience. Every year, the vast crowds follow the highs and lows of the players as they gallop across the pitch, ride each other off or turn on a sixpence in pursuit of that all important goal.

Well, this year the crowds had something else to cheer - the soldiers of the Household Division fundraising for Guards in Action.

The GPC had kindly agreed to allow the Household Cavalry and all five regiments of Foot Guards an opportunity to fundraise for their individual welfare funds, incorporating The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards, under the banner Guards in Action. This was done as a team effort with soldier from all seven regiments selling raffle tickets and collecting donations.

It was an ferociously hot day, not ideal for pacing around in uniform, but the men gritted their collective teeth and approached groups of girls in the hope of getting a healthy donation.

Their efforts were rewarded and each regimental welfare charity has received a well deserved boost.

Much thanks is owed to those corporations who allowed fundraising to take place inside their tents, although the model Jordan was in good company as one of those refused entry into the Chinawhite tent!!

Septem Juncta in Uno!!