Michael Alford's Afghan Sketches - On Sale Now

26 March 2010

There was a time when artists alone conveyed the pictography of war. While those days are long gone and we now live in the multimedia age with its extraordinary proliferation of instant images and sounds, the tradition of the war artist continues and the Regiment was delighted to sponsor a visit by Michael Alford to the First Battalion in Afghanistan where it was deployed on Op Herrick 11. Michael had previously painted for us a memorable picture of members of 3 Company engaged in a firefight.

The sketches compiled by Michael are material for a much larger painting to commemorate the tour. Often done in a rush – “You’ve two hours here” followed fifteen minutes later by “Move now!”– the artist in such conditions is by necessity selective in what he chooses to put on paper. What Michael has so effectively captured is that sense of location, be it a company HQ, Observation Post or Check Point, which all those who served on the tour will be able to relate to.

25 of his sketches have been faithfully reproduced to the highest standard and printed on superb William Turner art paper. Three full sets are being made available to the Battalion when it returns for point of sale display in the Officers mess, Sergeants mess and dining hall.


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