Colours - Old and New

    Regimental History - Battalion Colours
Date Battalion Presented Laying up Place
1951 (New) 3rd Bn (New) Buckingham Palace    
1951 3rd Bn   Old Colours Manchester Cathedral
1953 Queen's Company Windsor Castle    
1953 1st and 2nd Bns Buckingham Palace    
1953 1st Bn   Old Colours St. Mary's Nottingham
1953 2nd Bn   Old Colours Liverpool Cathedral
1967 1st Bn Buckingham Palace    
1968 1st Bn   Old Colours Lincoln Cathedral
1969 2nd Bn Buckingham Palace    
26 Apr 1970 2nd Bn   Old Colours Worcester Cathedral
1978 1st and 2nd Bns Buckingham Palace    
1979 1st Bn   Old Colours Derby Cathedral
1979 2nd Bn   Old Colours Ely Cathedral
26 May 1992 1st and 2nd Bns Horse Guards Parade    
3 Dec 1992 1st Bn   Old Colours Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks
5 Dec 1993 2nd Bn   Old Colours St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey
Spring 2001 2nd Bn (Nijmegen Company) Buckingham Palace    
19 Sept 2002 2nd Bn (Nijmegen Company)   Old Colours Bristol Cathedral
11 May 2010 1st Bn Buckingham Palace    
21 Oct 2010 1st Bn   Old Colours Lincoln Cathedral
26 June 2013 Nijmegen Company (2nd Bn) Buckingham Palace    
21 Sept 2014 Nijmegen Company (2nd Bn)   Old Colours Radley College