Nijmegen Company

Nijmegen Company, commanded by Major Neil Strachan, is an independent company which was created when the 2nd Battalion was placed into suspended animation as a result of the 1993 round of defence cuts. Nijmegen Company carries the Colours of the 2nd Battalion and maintains its customs and traditions. The Company is based in Wellington Barracks, London, and it is largely focused on public duties and state ceremonial events. A soldier passing out of basic training will be posted to Nijmegen Company for six to nine months. In this time, the Guardsman's training is built upon so that he is well prepared to take up his life in the 1st Battalion.

Company Commander: Maj N A Strachan

Second in Command: Capt C A G Williams

Company Sergeant Major: WO2 S Brooks

Station: Wellington Barracks, London.


Nijmegen Company has yet again had a hugely busy and enjoyable few months.

Since the Queen’s Birthday Parade in June we have deployed on two Company level exercises; one to the windswept training areas and rocky hills of Brecon, and the second to the relative comfort of the ranges in Bisley. In addition 2Lt Ollie Wace deployed to Kenya with the Welsh Guards as the Platoon Commander of a composite Incremental Company Platoon – a brilliant experience for him having only joined the Regiment in May.

September saw two events of note coincide on the same weekend. Firstly the laying up of our Old Colours in Radley College which afforded Capt Nico Wills, Capt Fred Moynan and Lt Charlie Williams the opportunity to wear their tunic and bearskin on parade at their old school. A privilege they all enjoyed and also an opportunity to show off in front of a few doubting old teachers; and secondly the 70th anniversary of the battle of Nijmegen. Lt Henry Waterfield and a small detachment joined the Regimental Association at the town’s commemoration weekend, laying a wreath at the bridge in memory of those who had fallen. This was a humbling experience and was well received by the local population.

The Company Boxing Team fought valiantly to win the Regimental Boxing competition, putting into great effect their youth, fitness and training. Of particular note was Gdsm Purdey who was awarded the prize for best endeavour after a split decision saw him lose to 2Lt Kaspar Varmusa of the Inkerman Company. Gdsm Purdey has subsequently been posted to the 1st Battalion and coincidentally ended up in 2Lt Varmusa’s Platoon – The hope is that this meeting was less fraught than their boxing match.

It was, however, the opportunity to Troop the Colour of the 2nd Battalion on the occasion of Her Majesty’s Birthday Parade that stands out as the highlight for the Company in 2014.

The New Year brings us the opportunity to take part in some Adventure Training in the French Alps; we will have 40 novices hitting the slopes of Les Contamines for what should be a brilliant week of skiing and team cohesion. Thoughts will however swiftly move to preparation for the 2015 Troop which will see Nijmegen Company return to our usual position as Number Four Guard.