News 2011


7 October 2011

Ever since 1685, when twelve musicians were recruited to form a band for the First, or Grenadier, Regiment of Footguards, Grenadiers have been served by and increasingly competent and versatile military band.  It is fitting that the oldest Regiment in the Household Division is served by the oldest Band the British Army.  Seniority is achieved by the passing years, but quality only comes with talented musicians and hard work.

The Band of the Grenadier Guards continues to support and entertain the Regiment in peace and war, and it has also acquired a national, reputation.  To mark this anniversary, the Band has recorded this new CD entitled Grenadiers.  It includes, among much else a famous recording made in the late 1930s.  The music on the CD is ample proof, if any were needed, that the Band remains firmly at the peak of military music in this country.