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Salesman with an AK-47 - by Alan Barry

20 October 2015

 Alan Barry

Salesman with an AK47: A rollercoaster ride of a life lived on the edge. Alan Barry was a second-generation Irish British Soldier, who served in the Grenadier Guards in the mid 1980's. After leaving he made his fortune in business and lost it all, had a breakdown then rebuilt his life working in high-risk places abroad.

Words from the author: "In the early parts of the book I talk about how I grappled with my own national identity, and I hope that the majority of Irish people can understand why I joined the British army. The book will take you into the life of a young Irish immigrant growing up in the UK in the 1970s, during the height of the IRA onslaught on mainland Britain. I explain the training that the military put me through in order to turn me into a professional Soldier and what it was like to serve with one of the most elite Regiments in the British Army, my experiences and why I joined".

"Then we arrive in Northern Ireland and straight into the mid-eighties storm of violence. I then talk about how I grappled with blatant sectarianism, and this awoke in me, my own national identity".

"We then move on to the rollercoaster of the 1990's, the Filofax era of yuppies, as I became a highly successful executive, and made a fortune in the early years of the mobile phone boom after leaving the military. I then take myself down the road of failure and desperation after the failure of my business".

"The book is a factual account of true events and if I had not been through it myself, I would probably describe this book as a work of fiction, but I can report it is all true, as evidenced by the photos within the plate sections. The only parts of the book that have been changed are the names of some of the individuals involved, in an effort to protect certain identities, for obvious reasons. I hope people will enjoy my story and those who have read it have found it to be an intriguing adventure, with a capital A" 

Alan Barry


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