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Junior Guardsmen's Company, Guards Depot, Pirbright - Junior Guardsmen's Plaque

19 May 2016


The idea for this plaque came from Members of the Facebook site ‘Junior Guardsmen’s Company’ to commemorate all Household Division Members who served at Junior Guardsmen's Company, Guards Depot, Pirbright.

Monies were collected from donations and the total cost was covered within a short period of time – I asked the National Memorial Arboretum to organise the plaque and it is now in place (photo below).

There will be a gathering at the National Memorial Arboretum on Sunday 24th July 2016 where many ex-Junior Guardsmen's Company Members will meet to ‘dedicate’ the plaque. 



JGC Plaque 



Barry Robinson

Grenadier Guards 1967 - 1978