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Kingston Branch Prize Draw

7 November 2016


The Kingston & District Branch held their 81st Annual Luncheon at Glenmore House in Surbiton on Sunday 30th October 2016, which was a success and enjoyed by all in attendance.

All of the prizes were either collected on the day or subsequently delivered, as not all of those who purchased tickets were in attendance on the day, as tickets were sold at this year's Grenadier Day.

Prize winners from the draw are:

Name: WJ Maskell - Prize: Audi Mini Runner - Ticket Number: 688

Name: J Wells - Prize: £100 Cheque - Ticket Number: 581

Name: D Evers - Prize: Audi Junior Quattro - Ticket Number: 348

Name: L Edwards - Prize: Audi Red & Black Sports Watch - Ticket Number: 145

Name: M Worsfold - Prize: £50 Cheque - Ticket Number: 188

Name: C Cooper - Prize: Audi Travel Adaptor - Ticket Number: 526

Name: V Adamson - Prize: Audi Sleeping Bag - Ticket Number: 18

Name: P Allibone - Prize: Pewter Bowl - Ticket Number: 441

Name: P Allibone - Prize: 6 Bottles Wine - Ticket Number: 446



John Knight

Honorary Secretary

Kingston & District Branch