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A Call for Ex-Regimental Clerks

24 February 2017


Barry Owen, an ex-Regimental Clerk, would like to contact other Grenadiers who were clerks.

He served in the Regiment from 1963-1976 at Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion (IJLB) Oswestry, the 2nd Battalion and was the Orderly Room Clerk at Regimental Headquarters when it was based at High Holborn.

With the demise of the role of Regimental Clerk in 1993, he had the idea to make contact with other Grenadiers who were clerks. So together with another veteran Grenadier, Malcolm Harding - a former clerk in the 2nd Battalion, Guards Depot, Orderly Room Colour Sergeant (ORCS)/Orderly Room Quartermaster Sergeant (ORQMS), 1st Battalion and Household Division - they have set up a Facebook Page (Clerical Colleagues) with an aim to make contact with others to share experiences and photographs.

They also aim to host a lunch at the Union Jack Club (UJC) on 21 June 2017 and are hoping for a good turnout.

So far the group has 40 members but there are a lot more people they would like to make contact with, such as; Pete Gardiner; Dave Bellew; Ian McKinley; Terry Cathcart; Colin Pendry; John Taylor; and Alan Marshall

If you are not 'on' Facebook, you can email either Barry at or Malcolm at

Best Wishes

Barry Owen and Malcolm Harding