News 2017

Support Company Reunion

29 March 2017


The first Support Company reunion will be held on Saturday the 26th of May 2018 at the “Llandoger Trow ” which is situated on King street in the Great City of Bristol.

There is no dress code and there is plenty of room outside with benches to gather to pull up a sandbag and swing a lamp. Kings Street is one of the oldest areas of Bristol dating back to its days as a famous port with various Pubs along the Street, including the Famous Naval Volunteer and the Old Duke. It is open to members that served in Support which includes, Anti-Tanks, Mortars, Recce, Assault Pioneers, SF, Signals and snipers, there guests and All Grenadiers both “Past and Present”

For futher details please visit the Support Company Reunion on Facebook. Reminders will be sent out via this means on a regular basis.

Keith Smith