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Alan Barry's Book - A Salesman with an AK47

8 June 2017


In 2015 we published a news article for Alan Barry, a Grenadier who served in the Regiment in the mid-1980s, advertising his book A Salesman with an AK47.

(New Updated Book Cover Below)



Alan was also selling his book at Grenadier Day last year and has been busy continuing to promote his book at various festivals and events ever since, with his next promotion taking place at Waterstones, 24-26 High Street, Birmingham, B4 7SL on Friday 4th August. Click here to visit the Waterstones website for further information and to book tickets for the event.

Alan is also a motivational speaker. He speaks on many different topics such as leadership, team building and inspiration, and upon reading his book (which I have read and thoroughly enjoyed) it will become clear on what qualifies him to do so. For example, Alan has worked all over the world, in many unstable Countries, setting up mobile phone networks and was instrumental in providing links to ISAF in Afghanistan during his 5 years in the Country. Click here to visit Alan's website.

We look forward to Alan attending Grenadier Day again this year, selling signed copies of his book. 

General details regarding Grenadier Day will be published on the website very soon.




Sgt Rob Broomes, CeMAP, CertRP, MCMI

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

Grenadier Guards Association