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A Christmas Dinner by William Simpson - A Christmas Dinner on the Heights before Sebastopol

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An beautiful limited edition print. All proceeds will got to The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards.



The dinner took place in the tent of Captain George Higginson on the heights before Sabastopol in 1854 after four months of bitter campaigning - the battle of Alma had been fought on 20th September and Inkerman on 5th November. The 3rd Battalion was enduring a gruesome winter in camp and the trenches, and not many were likely to have enjoyed a Christmas dinner on the scale depicted in the picture.

The Officers (reading clockwise from the gentleman in front grasping the bottle) are: Frederick Bathurst, Sir Charles Russell Bt, VC, Charles Turner, Alexander Viscount Balgonie, Edwin Burnaby, The Hon Charles Lindsay, Frederick Hamilton, Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimart, George Higginson, Robert Hamilton, Sir James Fergusson Bt and H W Verschoyle.

Higginson, the Adjutant, who later became a general, recorded the event in Seventy One Years of a Guardsman's Life: "The tent in that drawing was mine. I had decorated it as best I could, so that I and my brother officers could celebrate Christmas with as much cheeriness as we might muster. We had secured from a French sutler at Kamyesh some fearful effervescing stuff which was called champagne, some scraggy fowls and a ham, and the evening passed with due conviviality, and interchange of those expressions of goodwill and friendship which only the strange tenour (sic) of our daily life could draw forth."

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