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Monte Camino

Warren Freeman-Attwood
A young man’s experiences in war can be terrifying or exciting; can paralyse the senses or stimulate them; can make or break him. Most men feel a mixture of these sensations which vary widely according to the circumstances, but the effect which they have on a man’s courage and self-control depends u... read


Lt Wheatley
At the end of dinner on the night of 13th October 1943, news came through that the Battalion would not be called upon to do an assault crossing the Volturno. Another Brigade was committed and spirits rose, for the brigade had been practising the crossing on the lake at the Royal Palace, Caserta, for... read

The historic rivalry in the Boer war

The historic rivalry between the Grenadier and Coldstream Guards has taken many different forms. One of the most unusual was an incident in the Boer War when the Commanding Officers of 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards and of 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards debated which of their handkerchiefs should b... read

1899 Sgt Tang's letter to Capt Montgomerie

FROM THE ARCHIVES Captain Montgomerie, Grenadier Guards, Adjutant, The Chinese Regiment, Wei Hai Wei June 1899 Sir, I beg to state you the cause of my absence from parade this morning. As we were [marching] up in the hill this morning Capt Hill asked me to tell Corporal to bring his section to... read

Poet Soldier: The Hon Edward Wyndham Tennant

On 10th October 1916, a memorial service was held at St. Margaret’s in Westminster for a young lieutenant who had been killed the previous month at the Somme. The nineteen year old soldier was the Honourable Edward Wyndham “Bim” Tennant, 4th Battalion Grenadier Guards. ... read

Chris Izod visits Tunisia

MAD DOGS, CARJACKS AND A WADI TOO FAR! By Chris Izod 24239541 L/CPL 1st Btn Grenadier Guards 1972 - 1977... read

The Battle of the Horseshoe, Mareth, Tunisia, March 1943

The Hon Jonathan Forbes recently visited the battlefield where his father, Lord Forbes [in those day, Capt The Master of Forbes], had been the adjutant of 6th battalion Grenadier Guards. In this extract from his private papers, Lord Forbes recalls the events leading up to and during the battle. ... read

A Guards Grave at Barouillet

If you should find yourself on the road between Bayonne and St Jean de Luz, see if you can locate the Maison de Barouillet, to the south of Bidart [close to Biarritz]. Click here for map. Extracts from Chapter 5 of Campaign of the Western Pyrenees by Captain Robert Batty, First Guards, 1823. ... read
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