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The Affair of the Salad in the Tarbouche

In March 1882, Lt William Farrer of the Grenadier Guards was on leave in Egypt and staying at Shepheard’s Hotel in Cairo. On the evening of the 4th, Farrer came down to dinner at the Table d’Hôte prior to joining Sir Edward Malet, the Consul General, at the Khedive’s box at the Opera where he was in attendance to Prince George [later King George V] and Prince Albert Victor. The two Princes, as naval cadets, were on the return leg of a three year world
tour aboard HMS Baccante. When dinner was over, the youthful Viscount Dungarvon at the other end of the table sent him ‘in joke’ his Fez Cap, commonly called a Tarbouche. A young lady sitting next to him who was also a friend of his, suggested that ‘we fill it with bread and orange peel’ and return it. This was duly done although it never reached the sender.