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Letter: D

DEADMAN, E G (23688803)

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Year: 2013


DEADMAN, E G (23688803) My Dad, is missed so much. 6 years ago my Dad ( Ernest ), lost his long fight against cancer. For more than 10 years, he fought on. He continued working through his illness, right up to the final two weeks of his life. He often spoke of some of his Grenadier friends, Paddy Dunne & Buck Ryan and I am pleased to say that I found them and they all spoke with each other a month before he died. It was the first week in January 2007, we were told there was no more Doctors could do for my Dad. He was so brave. He wanted to come home to die so that he could be with my Mum who was disabled with Multiple Sclerosis, (she sadly died 5 months after Dad ). He came home on Monday 15th January and not once did he complain. I had arranged for 2 hospital beds to be placed side by side, so that he could be close to Mum. All he wanted was to be able to hold her hand and that was what he was doing when he took his last breath at 15:00 hrs on the 17th January. He... ,they, are greatly missed by all of us.

I did not have the flower tribute with the word Dad made, I had the word Hero, because that is what he was to me, my hero.... My dad ...