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ATHERTON, I (23865181)

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Year: 2013
Branch: Liverpool

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Tribute by: David R Jones

Ian was one of the good guys. One of the best.

He was always willing to help. There has been a dramatic effect on my life since his sad sudden departure. Even though Ian and I had not met for over 30 years, I always wondered about Ian with fondness.

I now know from the lovely Yvonne, that Ian was doing the same about me. Why didn't I make contact? B****r.... but I suppose that's life and we now move on.

I remember Ian with great fondness. He had a great ability to remember names, faces, incidents, with instant recall, always in the thick of things, always ready to greet others and make them welcome into our company and always there with any news or gossip. Where did he get the time?

Ian was for many years, a member of the Battalion Boxing Team, and a very good Boxer indeed.

Not a scouser as many think but a very proud man from "Bearkenead" or that's what Birkenhead sounded like when Ian said it.

I met Ian when he joined us at Pirbright 1962, and until I left in 1971, Ian was in the squad behind us. He and other members of his squad took great delight in tipping poor old Jim Pugh ( later Lt. Pugh ) out of his bed. Poor Jim and poor old Ian's squad. They suffered for their actions, sometimes at 2 o'clock in the morning, but they still came back for more....sods.

Ian is still mentioned with such fondness and recently at a Grenadier day I doubt whether there were many conversations ( by 2nd Battalion guys ) that didn't mention his name when we were trying to recall the name of someone. I could go on forever with tales about Ian. He was full of information, a family man, a reliable soldier, a reliable mate and a bloody good man that will be sadly missed by ALL of us that ever had the great pleasure of his company. And what about that chuckle of his! ( ke ke ke ke ) memories of a lovely man.....God rest you Ian ( Avvo )

Added on: 22 July 2014, 20:56