Tangier 1680 Namur 1695 Gibraltar 1704-5 Blenheim
Ramillies Oudenarde Malplaquet Dettingen

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GOODGER, F A (2621274)

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[Rank] Name
Date of birth
Family links with services
Date of joining the army
Service history - which battalion, rank and role, overseas postings, operations, ERE postings etc
Honours and Awards if applicable
Date of leaving the regiment
Example: Sgt Andrew. N. Other was born in Lincoln on 23 July 1940. Both his father and maternal grandfather had been Grenadiers. In 1959, he joined the 1st Battalion in Germany and went on to serve in Cyprus, London and Northern Ireland. After a tour as a drill instructor at Sandhurst, he completed his 22 year engagement in 1971.

Para Two
Work history after leaving the regiment
Branch Membership
Include any positions or offices held
Example: He returned to Lincoln where he managed the Tally Ho pub for many years before retiring to Wells in Norfolk. Always a keen supporter of the Lincoln branch, he acted as treasurer from 1971-1983

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Date of Death
Place of Death
Cause or suspected cause of death
Marriages - date, name of spouse, number of children.
Survivors [spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers, sisters]

Example: Andy Other died on 10 January 2010 at St Marks Hospital, Norfolk, after a long illness, bravely born. He is survived by his two children, Tony and Tessa. His wife Margaret who he married in 1994 predeceased him in 2002.