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The purpose of this page is to try to link Grenadiers who have e-mail addresses. In order to apply some security one person will keep a roll of all the others and so anyone who wishes to obtain the e-mail address of those who are shown should first of all e-mail jim@grenadier.eclipse.co.uk with details of your Regimental Number, Initials and Name and preferably in which Battalions you served. He will then pass you the e-mail address you have requested, inform me and your details will be added to the list. This has been in operation for some time now is proving a most successful form of communication.

If any reader can confirm that anyone on the lists is, in fact, deceased then will they please inform Jim White so that the necessary adjustment can be made.

Number Surname First Name Service Served In Location Now
22955872 Fahey, Tom (Taff) 1955-61 2nd Bn, Gds Depot Penarth, South Wales
23865001 Farley, Frank 1961 - ?? 1st Bn Australia
24753741 Farnsworth, Darrell 1986-91 2nd Bn Mansfield, Notts
24302535 Farrell Jon 1973-82 2nd Bn
23509645 Faulkner Geoff 1958-67 1st, 2nd Bns Australia
25051119 Fawcett Mike (Foz or Dolph) 1998-03 Nijmegen Coy, 1st Bn Swindon
22494213 Fay John (Jack) 1951-53 3rd Bn Oxfordshire
24823293 Fear Paul 1987-99 1st Bn Reading area
23509986 Fear, John W 1959 -1961 3rd Bn, Gds Depot (Pirbright) North Yorkshire
24738273 Fearn Mark (Pine) 1986-92 1st Bn Beelen, Germany
24048759 Fearn Pete 1966-78 2nd Bn Manchester
24263750 Fellows Stephen 1972-82 2nd Bn North London
24694383 Felton Dave 1984- Still Serving ERE
24306065 Fenner Greg 1970-90s 1st Bn Essex
24215867 Ferns, Stuart `1972 - 1978 1st Bn South Leicestershire
24829402 Ferretti, Daniel (Fez) 1988 - 1996 2nd, 1st Bns Wolverhampton
24428623 Fielding Darron (Finney) 1976-88 1st Bn Hereford
24836753 Figg Pete 1988-02 1st Bn Beeston, Notts
23760081 Finch John 1960-62 1st Bn. 1st Gds Bde
24146270 Finch John 1970-03 1st, 2nd Bns Nicosia, Cyprus
24738275 Finn, Stephen 1985 - 1990 1st Bn and 1st Bn Scots Gds Luton, Beds
24239401 Fisher Gordon (Fish) 1972-78 2nd Bn Barking, essex
24551320 Fitzgerald Dennis 1979-94 1st Bn Chillwell, Nottingham
24185882 Fitzgerald Kevin 1971-76 1st Bn Blackpool, Lancs
24125257 Flanagan George 1967-73 1st Bn Scarborough, N.Yorks
24662817 Fletcher John 1983-86 Inkerman Company Uxbridge, Middx
23865095 Fletcher Terry 1962-1965 1st Bn Sandown, Isle of Wight
22545685 Fletcher, Ronald 1953 -1956. Recall 1956 - 1957 1stBn, 3rd Bn (Recall) Leicestershire
24808919 Foley Darran (Axel) 1988-01 2nd, 1st Bns
22213140 Ford, Alec (Henry) 1948 - 1955 3rd Bn, RHQ, 1st Guards Brigade HQ, Fanara Potter Heigham, Norfolk
24076343 Forsdike Barry 1966-72 1st Bn Suffolk
24220731 Forsyth Brian (Jock) 1971--93 1st, 2nd Bns. RHQ Southampton
24753705 Foster Carl (Foz) 1986-94 1st Bn Nottingham
22545941 Foster Reginald 1953-56 2nd Bn Oxford
24428470 Foster-Poole Iain 1976-00 2nd Bn Marlow, Bucks
24578702 Foster, David (Fos) 1980-1995 1st Bn. Northolt, Middlesex
23915773 Fowler Allan John (Harry) 1961-70 2nd Bn Guildford, Surrey
23761031 Fox John 1960-62 2nd Bn Ottawa, Canada
24788850 Fox Martyn (Foxy) 1987 1st Bn now APTC Preston, Lancs
24632908 Francis Mark (Frankie) 1982-89 2nd Bn Bristol
24896153 Franco Jay (Frank) 1990-99 2nd, 1st Bns Welwyn, Herts
23998094 Franklin Frank 1966-91 1st, 2nd Bns Philippines
22955434 Freeman Ken 1954-57 3rd Bn, AADW Cliffe area Nr Rochester, Kent
24523677 Freire, Joe (Jose) 1979 - 1985 1st Bn Bournemouth, Dorset
22955030 Frost Lyn 1953-58 1st, 3rd Bns Brisbane, Australia
24912436 Frow Bob 1990-99 1st Bn Lincoln
23889706 Fry, Robert (Chippy) 1961 - 1966 IJLB, 2nd Bn

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