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The purpose of this page is to try to link Grenadiers who have e-mail addresses. In order to apply some security one person will keep a roll of all the others and so anyone who wishes to obtain the e-mail address of those who are shown should first of all e-mail jim@grenadier.eclipse.co.uk with details of your Regimental Number, Initials and Name and preferably in which Battalions you served. He will then pass you the e-mail address you have requested, inform me and your details will be added to the list. This has been in operation for some time now is proving a most successful form of communication.

If any reader can confirm that anyone on the lists is, in fact, deceased then will they please inform Jim White so that the necessary adjustment can be made.

Number Surname First Name Service Served In Location Now
24593607 Gabb Paul 1981- Still Serving
23252749 Gallagher John P 1957- 2nd, 1st Bns Northampton
24048680 Gallagher Paul 1966-72 2nd Bn Queensland, Australia
24021013 Gallagher BEM Gaz 1964-88 1st,2nd Bns, Gds Depot Whatton, Notts
24707434 Gamble Andrew (Andy) 1985 - 1990 1st Bn St Helens/Wigan
24140941 Garmony, MM Richard 1968 -1982 IJLB, 1st Bn Nr Chesterfield
23563516 Garratt Dave 1958-60 1st Bn British Columbia, Canada
24866375 Garratt Roy 1990-2001 2nd, 1st Bns Kingswinford, W.Midlands
24048710 Garside Allan 1966-69 2nd Bn Manchester
23929527 Gear Mick/Fred 1963-69 1st Bn13 Sqdn AAC Sharja Borough Green, Kent
23688770 Gearing John 1960-81 1st, 2nd Bns Bognor Regis, Sussex
Capt The Hon Geddes James G N 1990-99 1st Bn
24797509 Geeves Melv 1987-00 2nd, 1st Bns Herne Bay, Kent
24898723 Geise Martin 1990-92 2nd Bn London
24877875 George Terry 1989-94 2nd Bn Peasmarsh, E. Sussex
25117168 Geraghty Geoff (Mad Man) 2000-05 1st Bn Northamptonshire
24274847 Gibson F M (Murray) 1970-76 2nd Bn Gillingham, Kent
24220640 Gibson Guy (Gibbo) 1971-94 1st Bn Dunstable, Beds
24460556 Gibson Peter James (Gibbo) 1977-83 2nd, 1st Bns Gds Depot Kettering, Northants
23332159 Gilbert Michael (Gilby) 1956-59 1st Bn Tasmania, Australia
23509817 Gilchrist Harry (Hank) 1958-59 3rd Bn Nottingham
24164942 Gill Brian 1970-75 1st, 2nd Bns Sandbach, Cheshire
24805133 Gilroy J R (Gilly) 1987-2000 2nd, 1st Bns Hamm, Germany
24912113 Ginger Matt (Ginge) 1956-59 1990-95 1st Bn Aylesbury
24449912 Girling Keith 1977-94 1st, 2nd Bns Newark, Notts
24471278 Glover Dave 1977-92 2nd Bn Northants
24772462 Glover, Peter (Percy) 1986 - 1991 1st Bn Eastham, Wirral, Merseyside
23862854 Goddard Alan (Mush) 1961-83 2nd Bn Stratford, E. London
24598258 Goddard Kevin 1st Bn Chesterfield
25023921 Godfray, Martin (MonoJig) 1993 - 1999 2nd, 1st Bns Jersey, Channel Islands
24357247 Godfrey Nigel 1974-94 1st, 2nd Bns France
23862829 Godfrey Richard 1961-73 2nd, 1st Bns Basildon, Essex
24738248 Golding, Richard (Richie) 1985 - 2011 1st Bn Lincoln
23929478 Goldsmith Nigel (Goldie) 1963-75 2nd, 1st Bns Gds Depot Bridport, Dorset
23373049 Gooch Geoff 1957-59 3rd Bn Cambridgeshire
24441627 Good Gary (Goodie) 1977-82 2nd Bn Milton Keynes, Bucks
24021189 Goodall Kenneth 1965-88 2nd Bn Ipswich
24578845 Goodman Ian 1980-90 1st, 2nd Bns, RHQ,4th Armd Div, Sigs Regt Caterham
24440189 Goodson Bob 1976-02 1st - 2nd Bns Sch of Inf Brecon Folkstone, Kent
24460903 Goodwin Mark 1977-85 2nd,1st Bns Mansfield, Notts
24772988 Goodwin Peter 1986-91 2nd Bn Kent
24692665 Gordon Chris (Flash) 1986-94 1st, 2nd Bns Blackburn, Lancs
24306831 Gordon Mike 1975-85 2nd Bn Chandlers Ford, Hamps
25200112 Gould Darren Serving 1st Bn Home - Bristol
24539742 Grant-Hunter Neil 1980- 1st Bn Central London
22545806 Grant, Peter (Scottie) 1953 - 1957 2nd Bn Maidstone, Kent
24538546 Grassick, MBE Duncan 1978-2002 1st, 2nd Bns Gds Depot Nr Edinburgh
24021076 Gratrick Phillip 1964-75 2nd Bn, HQ AFCEN Leicester
24306174 Green F. J. 1975-98 2nd Bn, 1st Bn Recruiting Sgt at Wolverhampton Thetford, Norfolk
24306064 Green Frank (Drum Major) 1974-01 2nd Bn, Pirbright, Catterick, Sandhurst & RHQ Manchester Manchester

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