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The purpose of this page is to try to link Grenadiers who have e-mail addresses. In order to apply some security one person will keep a roll of all the others and so anyone who wishes to obtain the e-mail address of those who are shown should first of all e-mail jim@grenadier.eclipse.co.uk with details of your Regimental Number, Initials and Name and preferably in which Battalions you served. He will then pass you the e-mail address you have requested, inform me and your details will be added to the list. This has been in operation for some time now is proving a most successful form of communication.

If any reader can confirm that anyone on the lists is, in fact, deceased then will they please inform Jim White so that the necessary adjustment can be made.

Number Surname First Name Service Served In Location Now
23865033 Macaskill John 1960-70 2nd Bn Selsden, South Croydon
24599338 Mack Andrew 1981-84 1st Bn Banbury, Oxfordshire
25120013 MacKay Steve 2000-04 1st Bn Stoke on Trent
26743352 Mackay, Donald 1973-82 Regimental Band Filey, North Yorkshire
24322474 Mackenzie Colin 1973-77 1st, 2nd Bns Catford, London
24884269 Macleod James (Jim/Conner) 1988-94 1st Bn Gainsborough, Lincs
23636901 Main Roy 1959-61 3rd Bn Selby, North Yorkshire
Major Hatherley 1989- 1st Bn With the Battalion
14485867 Maldon Len 1946-49 2nd Bn Washington, USA
24193099 Male Michael 1970-85 1st Bn Hartlepool
23763323 Malone Frank 1960-63 1st Bn Manchester area
Major (QM) Marcham Stephen (Steve) 1970-01 Jnr Gdsm Coy, 1st, 2nd Bns,Gds Depot, RMA Sandhurst New Forrest, Hampshire
24263621 Marsh Peter 1972-83 1st Bn Bisley, Surrey
25048417 Marshall Jim 1996 - 1999 2nd, 1st Bns Rochester, Kent
24048665 Marshall Joe 1966-90 1st, 2nd Bns. RHQ Lincoln
22705790 Marshall William (Bill) 1952-56 2nd, 3rd Bns Hythe, Kent
23252084 Martin H H 1955-58 1st Bn Attleborough, Norfolk
24479296 Martin Lance 1978-00 1st Bn Becontree, Dagenham, Essex
24021919 Martin Patrick 1965-71 2nd Bn Wollaton, Nottingham
24446137 Martin Philip (Bob) 1977-79 1986-97 1st Bn Bristol area
23688341 Maslin Alan 1960-70 2nd Bn Wessex area
22578867 Mather Brian 1951-54 3rd Bn, Gds Depot Retford, Notts
23252817 Matthews Anthony (Tony) 1956-59 Gds Dep, RHQ, 2nd Bn Stockholm, Sweden
24632471 Matthews Dave (Matt) 1982-91 2nd Bn Exmouth, Devon
24302454 May Alfred (Alf) 1972-76 2nd Bn Burgess Hill, Sussex
24076250 May, Alister Richard (Daisy May) 1966 1972 1st Bn
24306073 Mayall, Vance 1974-1979 2nd Bn Bacup, Lancs
24399947 Mayfield Dave 1976-80 1st Bn Manchester area
24021075 Mazur J (Maz) 1964-88 2nd Bn, Gds Para Coy Brisbane, Australia
24021153 McArthur Ian R 1965-76 2nd Bn Then transferred to RAOC now RLC to 1989 Camberley, Surrey
24422214 McClean Keith (Mac) 1976-78 2nd, 1st Bns Telford, Shropshire
23929549 McClenahan Terry 1962-72 2nd Bn Norwich, Norfolk
24636506 McDermott Tony (Mac) 1982-04 1st, 2nd Bns Corby, Northants
24753244 McGuire Warren (Mac/Woz) 1985-93 1st Bn Manchester area
24125356 McLellan Bob 1968-85 1st,2nd Bns Golbourne, Gtr Manchester
24713064 McLoone Andy (Mac) 1984-07 1st Bn Newbury, Berks
24242665 McQuade Andrew 1971-80 2nd Bn. Gds Depot Queensland Australia
24263710 McQuarrie Walter (Mac) 1973-79 1st Bn
24320115 McWilliam A (Jock) 1975-87 2nd Bn Corby, Northants
24608549 Meek Graham 1981-03 1st, Nijmegen Coy, HQ Foot Gds Nottingham area
24767879 Melbourne Keith (Slaphead) 1987-98 1st Bn Macclesfield, Cheshire
24547597 Melbourne Mark 1979-01 2nd, 1st Bns Nuneaton
22545145 Mellor Brian 1952- 1st Bn Somercoates, Derbys.
24711614 Melville I 1984-89 1st Bn Stockport
23252690 Mence Michael (Mike) 1956-59 2nd Bn Melksham area, Wiltshire
24475728 Merridan David (Frog) 1981-90 1st Bn Hull
24306069 Merry Alan 1974-83 1st Bn Windsor, Berkshire
22545250 Merton Bill 1952-56 2nd, 3rd Bns Medway area
24306821 Michelson, Kevin (Mitch) 1976 - 1992 1st Bn, ACO Manchester Radcliffe, Manchester
22955978 Miller Ernie 1955-58 1st Bn Liverpool

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