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The purpose of this page is to try to link Grenadiers who have e-mail addresses. In order to apply some security one person will keep a roll of all the others and so anyone who wishes to obtain the e-mail address of those who are shown should first of all e-mail jim@grenadier.eclipse.co.uk with details of your Regimental Number, Initials and Name and preferably in which Battalions you served. He will then pass you the e-mail address you have requested, inform me and your details will be added to the list. This has been in operation for some time now is proving a most successful form of communication.

If any reader can confirm that anyone on the lists is, in fact, deceased then will they please inform Jim White so that the necessary adjustment can be made.

Number Surname First Name Service Served In Location Now
23879834 Whitebrook Chris 1962-84 1st, 2nd Bns March Cambridgeshire
25014130 Whitehouse Ben 1990- 1st, 2nd Bns Windsor, Berks
24759397 Whitehouse Dale 1986-95 1st Bn Alton, Hampshire
2628428 Whitworth Jack 1945-49 2nd, 1st Bns North Shields
2614224 Wiggins Earnest 1936-45 2nd Bn, BEF, Gds Armd Div Swanage, Dorset
24691057 Wilds, Paul (Geno) 1984-1989 2nd Bn Burnley
23252593 Williams David 1956 -1958 Followed by 8 years commissioned in The Loyal Regt and 10 yrs in TA 2nd Bn and Guards Depot as Drill Instructor. Commissioned into The Loyal Regt Northamptonshire
24368079 Williams David 70's 1st Bn Shetland Isles
23383118 Williams Ifor (Taff) 1957-59 3rd Bn Bangor, N.Wales
22361254 Williams Peter 1950-53 3rd, 1st Bns HQ 1st Gds Bde Cornwall
22593624 Williams, Robin 1951 - 1957 RHQ, 1st Bn Gloucestershire
22545707 Williamson Dennis 1953-56 2nd, 3rd Bns Mansfield, Notts
24505480 Willis, Andrew 1978 - 1985 1st Bn Perth, Western Australia
23509163 Willmore, A.J. (Tony) 1975 -1960 later in RAF Police (1964 - 1969) 2nd Bn, Gds Depot Worcestershire
23509163 Willmore, Anthony (Tony) 1957 - 1960 2nd Bn, Guards Depot
22955550 Willsher, Anthony 1955-58 Guards Depot, Caterham Norfolk
22546046 Wilmer Ian 1981-96 2nd Bn Leighton Buzzard,
24533996 Wilson Peter 1980-94 1st, 2nd Bns Stockholm
24306104 Wilson, jeff 1974 - 1979 Gds Depot, 2nd Bn Hartley, Kent
23688568 Wiltshire Terence (Choppers) 1960 - 1982 2nd Bn, Guards Depot Reading
23426760 Wiltshire, Fred 1957 - 1959 1st Bn London area
24805249 Windle Andy (Larry) 1987-93 1st Bn Spain
24433312 Winson Mark (Winnie) 1976-90 1st Bn Peterborough
24239404 Winters Kevin (Dizzy) 1972-79 2nd Bn Telford, Shropshire
23688624 Withers Brian 1960-66 1st Bn, Gds Para, 2nd Bn Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts
24900540 Withers Mark (Whisky) 1990-02 1st Bn
24714036 Wood Gary (Woody) 1984-87 1st Bn Macclesfield
23968586 Wood Les 1963-84 IJLB, 2nd Bn,RHQ,21SAS Stroud, Glos
24845268 Wood, Paul 1989 - 1995 1st Bn Skelmersdale
22213327 Woodfield MBE Robert 1949-84 1st,2nd Gds Para Alcester, Warks
24306030 Woodgates P 1974-87 1st Bn Nottingham
24263782 Woodhouse John 1974-93 1st, 2nd Bns Alnwick, Northumbria
24306834 Woods David 1975-86 2nd Bn Aylesbury, Bucks
24772313 Woods Jonathon 1986-92 1st Bn Poole, Dorset
24753270 Woods Ken (Kenny) 1986-93 1st Bn Peterborough
24076325 Woodsby Fred 1966-78 2nd Bn March, Cambridgeshire
24896414 Woolham, John 1990 -1996 2nd Bn, 1st Bn Southport, Lancs
24622451 Worthington, Jim (Jimbo or Worthy) 1982 - 1997 1st Bn, School of Infantry Warminster Cobham, Surrey
23688062 Wright Frederick 1958-1961 2nd Bn Bolton, Lancs
24266437 Wright Mike (Monty) 1971-75 2nd Bn Newport, Sth Wales
24399998 Wright Paul (Chesty) 1977-2000 1st, 2nd Bns Dover, Kent
24239475 Wright Terry (Ted the head) 1972-83 2nd Bn Portsmouth
24772359 Wyatt Simon (Billy) 1986-2001 1st Bn Wellington, New Zealand

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