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The British Grenadiers

The British Grenadiers

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350 Years of the First Regiment of Foot Guards 1656-2006

Henry Hanning

The Grenadier Guards celebrate their 350th anniversary in 2006. Raised in Bruges by Charles II in exile, it was after his restoration in 1660 that their position as the First Regiment of Foot Guards, with a special attachment to the person of the Sovereign, was firmly established. Since that time they have distinguished themselves consistemtly. Notably two batalions played a decicive role at Waterloo as a result of which the First Guards were granted the unique accolade of being made an entire regiment of Grenadiers - the picked men of infantry. Further triumphs followed in the Crimea, where their steadfastness and discipline were conspicuous. These attributes were again in evidence throughout the prolonged carnage of The Great War. The Second World war brought fresh challenges, to which the Grenadiers responded with distinction, from the retreat to Dunkirk, through North Africa and Italy, to North western Europe. From 1945 up to the present day, Grenadiers have been engaged in numerous conflicts both close to home and far afield.

The Regiment has consistemtly proved that an unshrinking belief in strong traditional values is no bar to embracing change. Indeed this progressive ability is well demonstrated by the style of this new regimental history. A highly informative text is enhanced with copious colour illustrations, maps and diagrams. Personality profiles of sixty members of the Regiment, famous, representative or peculiar, together with explanations of customs and oddities, contribute to making The British Grenadiers a unique and entertaining record.

Product Details:
Hardcover: 304 pages (March 20, 2006)
Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Ltd
Language: English
ISBN: 1844153851

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Amazon Synopsis
'Contains full details of the Regiment's battle honours, key personalities, VC winners, customs and ceremonial role over their long and glorious history.'

INTRODUCTION and acknowledgements

Chapter 1 - IN THE BEGINNING 1656-1702
Exile and Restoration
A Crisis of Loyalty

Grenadier Fabric - The Sovereign's Own Company

Chapter 2 - THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY 1702-1793
The Marlborough Wars
The House of Hanover
Eighteenth century Soldiering

Grenadier Fabric - Grenades, Grenadiers and Bearskin caps

Waterloo - Winning a Name

Grenadier Fabric - Colours of the Regiment

Chapter 4 - A GENERATION OF PEACE 1815-1854

Grenadier Fabric - Band and Drums

Chapter 5 - CRIMEAN AGONY 1854-1856
Inkerman - The Soldiers' Battle

Grenadier Fabric - The Drummer

Chapter 6 - APEX OF EMPIRE 1856-1914
Service at Home
Service Abroad

Grenadier Fabric - The Officers

Chapter 7 - NORTH AFRICA, SOUTH AFRICA 1882-1902
Egypt and the Sudan 1882-1898
The Boer War 1899-1902

Grenadier Fabric - The Quartermaster

Chapter 8 - THE GREAT WAR - TO END ALL WARS 1914-1918
First Ypres 1914 - a Desperate Defence
Misery and Anguish in the Trenches
The Somme Offensive 1916
Hazebrouk April 1918 - Backs to the Wall

Grenadier Fabric - The Sergeant Major

Chapter 9 - A SHORT INTERMISSION 1919-1939

Grenadier Fabric - Warrant and Non-Commissioned Officers

Chapter 10 - HITLER'S WAR 1939-1945
Dunkirk - Retreat and Deliverance
Mareth - the Greatest Tragedy
The Anzio Beachhead
A Gruelling Infantry War in Tnisia and Italy
Nijmegen - a Bridge Just Near Enough
Armoured Grenadiers
Grenadier Fabric - Some Striking Figures

Chapter 11 - THE ELIZABETHAN ERA 1945-2005
Post-war Soldiering
Germany - the Defence of Western Europe
Around the Eastern Mediterranean
Into Jungle Green
Northern Ireland - Thirty Years of Trouble
Desert and Desolate Places
The Gulf War 1990-1991
Bosnia-Herzegovina - Nursing a Nation Back to Health

Grenadier Fabric - A Family Affair


Annexes - Kings, Queens and Colonels, Decorations for Gallantry


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