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Guards V.C. Blitzkrieg 1940

Guards V.C. Blitzkrieg 1940

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Although better known for his superb air war works, Dilip Sarkar has done a superb job in recording this day-by-day war diary of a BEF infantry formation during the Fall of France. Every angle is covered through previously unpublished first-hands accounts and direct quotes from the records of both sides.
All we really have to do to confirm the excellence of this title is refer the customer to the following comments:-

LORD FORBES: Absolutely first-class. I am quite stunned at how you have brought my old unit back to life!

CAPTAIN SIR EDWARD FORD: Fascinating. I was the 3rd Grenadier's Intelligence Officer in 1940 and not even I knew this much about what was going on!

FORMER GUARDSMAN BILL LEWCOCK, a survivor of the VC action: All accounts I have ever read on the Fall of France are mere generalisations when compared to 'Guards VC'. Dilip Sarkar's book, however, brings out the personal experiences of many involved and provides a wonderfully vivid picture of positions and battles fought. Also he has given the German version which I have certainly not seen before. Now the comrades that we lost will always be remembered with honour.

LT COL HS HANNING: It is an immense piece of work and Dilip is to be greatly congratulated. I am struck by the way he has handled and presented so much of the detail. It is much easier to turn a story like this entirely into prose. Many authors do so and the result is nothing like so attractive or interesting. You have also assembled a tremendous collection of photographs and presented them beautifully.

DAVID ROWLANDS BA(Hons), Military Artist: An excellent book! What a well researched and well-published piece of work. It is a real pleasure to look through and handle.

GUN MART: A welcome addition to the library of any military enthusiast. Dilip Sarkar's first military book - let's hope it will not be his last!

Given the foregoing, it would be superflous to mention that the book's launch was endorsed by and received the support of the Dunkirk Veterans' Association, Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Royal Hampshire Regiment, etc etc!

Definitely not to be missed.

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