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Hidden Accounts of The Romanovs

Hidden Accounts of The Romanovs - Hidden Account of the Romanovs is a book of romantic historical fiction.

Hidden Account of the Romanovs is a book of romantic historical fiction. In preparation for President Putin’s State Visit in 2003, The Bank of England has been instructed to close any remaining Russian Imperial accounts. The Bank’s investigation follows the career of a Grenadier officer through World War I and the Russian Civil War from 1914 to 1922. Against a background of international intrigue and Imperial elegance, the story winds its way through two of history’s greatest mysteries, the murder of the Russian Imperial Family and the Ml6-led plot to kill Rasputin.

Notable events include:

  • Build-up and fundamental causes of World War I.
  • Path of the Second Battalion Grenadier Guards from Mons to the Somme and Gauche Wood with The Prince of Wales and Winston Churchill in the Grenadier trenches.
  • Combat flying with 56 Squadron, Royal Flying Corps.
  • Wall Street’s financing of the Bolsheviks.
  • Abdication, imprisonment and murder of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.
  • Pressures causing King George V to delay his initial plan to rescue his cousin Emperor Nicholas II.
  • Evaluation of the DNA evidence surrounding the Imperial murder and the possibility of a survivor.

The book is available in Hard Back at £32 and Soft Back at £26. Please call the Association Senior Non-Commissioned Officer on 0207 414 3285 to purchase either copy. The author has kindly donated all proceeds from the sale of this book to The Colonel's Fund.

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