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An Account of Operations 1996-2015

An Account of Operations 1996-2015 - by Captain Alan Ogden

Following on from Oliver Lindsay’s ‘Once a Grenadier’, ‘An Account of Operations 1996-2015’ brings the history of the Regiment up to date. Covering Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and the three HERRICK tours in Afghanistan, it provides a detailed narrative at Battle Group, company, OMLT, and specialist platoon level of the role played by the Regiment in these challenging security environments.

Each theatre of operations is introduced by a detailed political analysis – and illustrated throughout with detailed maps and charts – to under-score the complexities of the situations commanders at all levels found themselves in.

The book will be available from 16th April and the cost of the book is £20.00. All serving members of the Regiment, members of the First Guards’ Club, and members of the Regimental Association are entitled to a reduced price of £15.00.

Postage fees for this book are:

>   £3.00 Standard UK Postage

>   £11.00 Europe

>   £16.00 Rest of World 1 (ROW 1) (Remainder of Countries Except the Continent of Australia and New Zealand)

>   £17.00 Rest of World 2 (ROW 2) (Australia & New Zealand)

Payment can be made by:

>   Cash - In-Shop payments

>   Sending in a cheque/postal order made payable to “The Regimental Adjutant, Grenadier Guards”. Overseas customers should ensure that at least the equivalent sterling value is sent, if not paying in sterling.

>   Paying or transferring funds to the email address assnnco@grengds.com via PayPal through your account. If you do not have an account, you can also make one-off card payments, paying as a guest. PayPal has various options for converting foreign currencies into sterling.

>   By contacting the Association Non-Commissioned Officer over the phone on 020 7414 3285, to pay using a credit/debit card

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