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An Evening with Alan Barry and Rusty Firmin

11 October 2018


In 2015, and again in 2017, we advertised, the book A Salesman with an AK-47 (click here and here), for Alan Barry, a Grenadier who served in the Regiment, in the 1980's.

Alan has been extremely busy lately, continuing to promote his book, whilst also working on a documentary.

Alan's latest promotion will be at the prestigious Victory Services Club on Friday 9th November. Between 1900hrs-2000hrs he will be delivering exciting anecdotes of both his life and career.

Tickets cost £20, which will pay for entrance to both Alan's talk and the subsequent Speaker - Rusty Firmin.

Click here for further information and click here for a short video clip highlighting both Speakers. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal at or you can contact Alan at the email address if you have any other questions or queries.

Note: To remind those using PayPal, payments can be made via your account, or on a one-off basis using a credit or debit card if you do not have an account. 

Alan hopes those of you heading to London for the weekend in preparation for the various Remembrance Services, can come along for what will be an enjoyable evening. After both talks a raffle draw will take place, and Alan will kindly donate all proceeds from that draw to The Colonel's Fund.





Sgt Rob Broomes, DipFA, CeMAP, CertRP, MLIBF, MCMI

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

Grenadier Guards Association