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Register for the Regimental Association


As a serving or non-serving Grenadier’s you are automatically a member of the Regimental Association however to allow us to keep our records updated and also allow us to notify you of Regimental information such as details of forthcoming events etc it is recommended that you add your details to the Nominal Roll and also register for latest news and joins the recognises Regimental Headquarters Social Media sites.

Nominal Roll. To be added to the nominal roll please send your: Service Number, Name, and Initial, Hometown/County/Current Association Branch to the Regimental Communications Officer at: commsoffr@grengds.com

Website. The official Regimental Headquarters website can be found at: www.grengds.com

Sign up for latest news alerts. To receive latest news alerts direct to your email address please follow Latest News - Grenadier Guards (grengds.com) where you will simply click on the sign up for Grenadier Guards News Alerts and add your email address and name to be added.

Facebook Page. For those that use social media ‘Regimental Headquarters Grenadier Guards’ is the official Regimental Headquarters Facebook Page, this is a great source of information and you may be able to be re-acquainted with Grenadiers that you worked with in the past.

Instagram Account. The Regimental Headquarters has an Instagram Account which is monitored and updated daily, this account is at ‘grenadier.guards.association’ and again is a great source of information where you can keep in touch with what is happening on a daily basis across the Regiment and the Regimental Association.

Emergency Numbers. If you feel you are in danger or at immediate risk you should call 999. If you are in crisis and need someone to talk to you can call the Samaritan’s on 0808 175 3075.

Routine Welfare Support. Should you require routine welfare support there are a number charities such as SAAFA and The Royal British Legion that can assist however you can also visit the Veterans Gateway on www.veteransgateway.org.uk or call them on 0808 802 1212.

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