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Army Childhood: A book about British Army Children's Lives and Times.

22 May 2012
About this book An army childhood is a peripatetic childhood. Beginning with the establishment of Britain’s standing army, Clare Gibson sheds light on such crucial aspects of the army-child experience as the places that they have called home and how they have been transported, housed, educa... read

Liberators on Film

9 May 2012
Dear sir / madam, The Regionaal Archief Nijmegen (Regional Archives of Nijmegen) earlier acquired a collection of 684 pictures of Allied soldiers who were involved in the liberation of Nijmegen in World War II or who were stationed at Nijmegen afterwards.... read

Fifteen Rounds a Minute

23 April 2012
Fifteen Rounds a Minute The Grenadiers at war. Edited from the diaries of Major 'MA' Jeffreys and others By Michael Craster Available at ... read

Union Jack Club 2012 Temporary Honorary Member Tariffs

23 March 2012
Union Jack Club 2012 Temporary Honorary Member Tariffs Click here to read more... read

''Welcome to the Front Line''

14 March 2012
“Welcome to the Front Line” Art ExhibitionbyJonathan Ben-Abeer BA (hons) This exhibition has two purposes. The first is to raise awareness of the lives of British Soldiers on the front line, through a series of artworks based on images from Afghanistan. ... read

Scarlet and Gold 15th - 16th November 2012

1 March 2012
Scarlet and Gold Concerts Following the great success of the 2010 concert. Two massed bands concerts have being arranged for the 15th and 16th November 2012, to be held at Central Hall, Westminster. ... read
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