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From The Regimental Lieutenant Colonel

17 January 2022

To all Grenadiers, from the Regimental Lieutenant Colonel

As you will be aware, with Her Majesty The Queen’s approval and agreement, The Duke of York relinquished his military affiliations and Royal patronages on 13 January 2022, including as Colonel of the Regiment. He retains his military rank within the Royal Navy, but he will not undertake any military duties henceforth.

With Her agreement, the Colonelcy of the Grenadier Guards returned to Her Majesty with immediate effect. She is now Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, as well as the Colonel in Chief of the Household Division. I am sure you will all offer a personal ‘Three Cheers’ for the Colonel, an appointment She first held in 1942, 80 years to the day on 24 February this year.

Buckingham Palace have informed me that in due course the Colonelcy, along with the Duke’s other titles and affiliations, will be reallocated to another member of the Royal Family, but clarified it will not be returned to The Duke of York. There is no timeline for this, but when the time comes, the Regimental Council will respond to and advise Buckingham Palace. The Ministry of Defence have subsequently asked me to “… request that well-meaning lobbying is avoided and that your Regimental personnel refrain from speculating in public on this subject…”. This seems a very sensible request to follow, and I urge you to direct any requests for press comment to the Regimental Adjutant or directly to Army Media and Communications.

I hope this clarifies the situation. Many of you have been asking and further speculation would have been damaging for all concerned. Shortly I will write to The Duke of York on behalf of the Regiment, to thank him for his time as Colonel. I will also write to Her Majesty expressing our continued loyalty.

Lt Gen C R V Walker DSO.

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