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Field of Remembrance 2022

05 September 2022


In anticipation of tickets for the Field of Remembrance, which will be held on Thursday 10th November, those wishing to attend should contact me via email with the following details:,

Contact Address (Please state if you wish to collect from Wellington Barracks instead)

Amount of tickets required: Maximum of 2 tickets per order

Please be aware, we only have 17 tickets this year.

This is due to construction work taking place at Westminster Abbey.

The deadline for all ticket requests will be 5th October 2022 at 1200hrs.

The entrance to the Field of Remembrance will require physical tickets to hand and the gates will open between 0845hrs-1030hrs.

Security arrangements have not yet been confirmed, however, they will be similar to last year's event. Entering the event involves passing through Police security checks. Everyone attending must bring two forms of ID, of which one must include a photograph (e.g. passport/drivers license). Each ticket has a reminder on the back stating what information is required.

The use of large 'intrusive' camera equipment is not allowed, however, personal, hand-held cameras or mobile phones are acceptable.

For those wishing to attend, tickets will be sent out to the address supplied, or can be picked up prior to the event. Tickets will be issued on a first come-first served basis, and as mentioned, requests need to be with me by the time and date stated above.

Please send all ticket requests to assnnco@grengds.com with all the details required, as stated above.



LSgt Glen Davis

Grenadier Guards Association

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