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The Colonel's Fund

Whilst 'duty of care' for wounded Grenadiers lies with the Ministry of Defence and with appropriate Government Departments such as Health, the Regiment continues to assist all Grenadiers [and their families] who have been affected by serious injury or disability by providing the right support at the right time in the right place.The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards was created in 2006 to supplement existing Regimental charitable funds. The Fund is designed to support:

  • the families of those killed in action by promptly responding to problems of bereavement and hardship.
  • those wounded or injured on operations, particularly those who have had to leave the Army; to assist in finding them new employment and to help them become active family and community members.
  • the families of those seriously wounded or injured in prolonged recovery situations.

Trustees have wide discretion to use the fund to enhance the welfare of Grenadiers on operations and that of their families at home.

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