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Regimental Headquarters Documentation
Many of us will remember the days of a large staff at Regimental Headquarters which ran the Regiment, like everything these days there is a much smaller staff trying to provide the same or similar service, that said it is there to support you, but with everything there is a certain amount of self-help required.

Regimental Archivist and Documents Clerks
There is no longer a Regimental Archivist or Documents Clerk, the documents once held at RHQ are now at the National Archives at Kew, should you require your documents please use the link above which will give you the guidance you need to get your documents.

Lost or stolen Medals or Applying for Medals and Badges
If you are applying for a badge or a medal or you have had your medals stolen or they have been lost, please use the link above which will give you the guidance you require.

Regimental Histories and War Diaries
Regimental Histories and War Diaries are available online start with the Regimental website at the link above.

Registering for the Association
Most of us are registered with an Association Branch but if you haven't or need help finding your nearest Branch please let us know, the link above will let you know what to do and who to contact.

Contact details for Regimental Headquarters
There are no telephone lines into RHQ, the contact details page gives you the email addresses of staff at RHQ who can assist you, the link above will take you to the contact page. The telephone lines have been removed by the MoD.

Welfare Support
Should you require Welfare Support you need to contact SSAFA, RBL or Veterans Agency who will provide you with a case worker who will inform other agencies how they can support you best, one of the agencies that could be involved is Regimental Headquarters but it does so only with the guidance from case workers from the organisations mentioned, remember you will need your Red Book or discharge papers or Army Documents as this proves your service and will speed the process up, so the documents mentioned keep them safe. 

Emergency numbers for Veteran Support
SSAFA are at the following website where people can seek help: www.SSAFA.org if you click on ‘contact us’ they will be offered to input their postcode which will tell them their local branch. The SSAFA helpdesk number is 0800 260 6767

The RBL are at the following website where people can seek help: www.britishlegion.org.uk if people click on ‘contact’ there is a ‘get local help’ tab where they can find local branch. The RBL helpdesk number is 0800 802 8080

The Veterans Gateway part of the RBL is at: Veterans' Gateway | Royal British Legion this is maned 24/7 and people can get hold of them on 0800 802 1212.

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