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Nijmegen Company

2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards placed in suspended animation 5th November 1994

On the 3rd August 1994 Nijmegen Company was formed from Number Two Company of the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards and Guardsmen from Numbers One, Support, Headquarters and The Inkerman Companies who were not going to the 1st Bn at Wellington Barracks. Nijmegen Company was formed to maintain the customs, privileges and traditions of the 2nd Battalion and still to this day carry the Colours of the 2nd Battalion, the Colours for the 2nd Bn have a Union Flag at the top corner, Nijmegen Company also have a Company Colour which is adorned with an Antelope Ardent rampant, mount vert, ducally gorged, this was the old 2nd Bn Support Company Colour which was transferred to Nijmegen Company on its formation.

The Colours of the 2nd Battalion have 77 of the Regiments Battle Honours or Honorary Distinctions on them, one of which records the name Nijmegen a battle that took place during the Second World War, in September 1944 during Operation Market Garden tanks of the 2nd Battalion were tasked with capturing the mighty road bridge over the River Waal in the Dutch City of Nijmegen, Sergeant Peter Robinson DCM in charge of a Troop of four Sherman Tanks was tasked with this and as dusk fell he raced his tanks over the Bridge fighting all the way across before the bridge could be destroyed, he linked up with American Paratroopers of the 82nd US Airborne Division and Lord Peter Carrington MC took charge of forming the Bridgehead, each year on the 19th September you will see the Regiments colours adorned with a wreath to remember those who took part in the battle, a fitting name for a fighting company…Nijmegen.

On the 5th November 1994 Nijmegen Company which had briefly been the second rifle company of the 2nd Battalion became an Independent Public Duties Company at Caterham Barracks, before moving to Victoria Barracks, Windsor in March 1995, when those members of the Company not going to Windsor were posted to the 1st Battalion. Nijmegen Company moved to Wellington Barracks London in March 2000 where they remain with other Public Duties Companies of the London Garrison.

Whilst they have been a Public Duties Company they are also a rifle company and train as hard for deployments as all Infantryman. Soldiers from Nijmegen Company are posted to the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards as part of the Field Army.

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